Hitachi S-3000N Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with Secondary Electron (SE), Backscatter Electron (BSE), and EDAX HIT S3000N Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS) Detectors

  • Specifications:
    • Secondary electron resolution: 3.5 nm to 50 nm (sample dependent)
    • Backscatter electron resolution: 5.5 nm to 100 nm (sample dependent)
    • Magnification: 15 to 100,000x
    • Filament: Tungsten filament
    • Accelerating voltage: 0.3 to 30 kV

Hitachi TM3030Plus Tabletop Microscope (SEM) with SE and BSE Detectors

  • Specifications:
    • The detectors can be effectively operated under low-vacuum conditions and can support SE and BSE image observation without a metal coating.
    • The TM3030Plus can be used to view BSE images, SE images, and mixed images. 
    • Magnification range : 15 to 60,000x (Up to 240,000x with digital zoom)
    • Accelerating voltage: 5 kV / 15 kV / EDX
      • 5 kV Accelerating voltage: emphasizes surface detail
      • 15 kV Accelerating voltage: can be used throughout the magnification range and gives the best resolution
      • EDX (15 kV Accelerating voltage with large current mode): used for elemental analysis or low contrast specimens
        • Note: This SEM isn't currently equipped with an energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS / EDX) detector for elemental analysis.