Before using any equipment in the Materials Characterization Lab (MCL), all users must create a billing and scheduling account through HSC Cores. To set up a user account, go to the Account Setup page on Cores, which will take you to links with a form to fill out. There are different forms for on-campus users and off-campus users. On-campus users bill through a University of Utah chartfield; all others are considered off-campus users. All project members who will use the lab and the same billing information or account number, including the submitter, must be included in the “Authorized Individuals” section. When you fill out the appropriate form completely, the last line on the page that says “complete form to submit” will turn from red to green and you will be able to submit. For on-campus users, work authorization forms need to be filled out for each grant.

Once you submit a work authorization form, your PI or supervisor (and the accounting contact for on-campus users) will get an email message with a hyperlink, which is used to approve or deny the work authorization. The link is active for 72 hours. If your PI or supervisor does not approve or deny within 72 hours, then you will need to resubmit the form. After approval, the Cores administration office at the University of Utah will process your information and send you an email with username and password information that will allow you to schedule equipment and place orders.

To place an order: click on the HSC Resources Login at the top of the HSC Cores website. Once you have logged in, you will see a page that will allow you to select various University of Utah Services. The MCL is in blue near the middle of the screen.