Equipment Training

We offer hands-on equipment training with our team members on all of our equipment. Training for the equipment can range from one to three sessions depending on the user’s familiarity with the techniques. Usually, an MCL team member will conduct the first training session in which the trainer is operating the equipment and teaching. Subsequent training sessions will take place with the user operating the equipment and a member of the MCL team would be supervising. If necessary, we can do a third training session on equipment or training sessions on the analysis tool.

For any X-ray use on campus, users need to go through “X-ray radiation safety training” through the Radiation Safety Office (RSO). There are two parts to this training, 1) an online portion and 2) an in-class seminar. You must sign up and attend the “Analytical X-ray In-Person Class” before a certificate will be sent to us. You can find information on how to do the online training and schedule for the in-person training at the Radiation Safety Office’s Training website. After we’ve received your “Radiation Safety Training for Analytical X-Ray” Certificate, we can then train you on the X-ray diffraction (XRD) systems. Note that the in-class seminar is taught once a month.

Operator Assistance

For those users who would prefer the lab to provide their sample’s data from our equipment, our team members can run the instruments for you, collect the data, and send that information to you for analysis. You will be asked to fill out an analysis request form

Project Consultation

In addition to providing training for new users, the MCL team is available to help users in their design of experiments, analysis of data, and interpreting results.