Effective on July 1, 2019, the departments of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Utah have merged into one department administered jointly by the two colleges. More information about that merge can be found on the MSE website.

This includes a combination of the lab spaces maintained by both departments. Thanks to this, the MCL will now include a new location with several new instruments! The lab space located in Meldrum Civil Engineering 1325 will now be called Materials Characterization – Meldrum. The new lab space, which was called the Nanomaterials Characterization Facility, is located in William Browning Building (WBB) 208 and will be called Materials Characterization – Browning.

The new lab space brings several new capabilities to the MCL, which will be added to the instruments page as they become available.

Training, scheduling, and billing will remain the same as they were with the MCL previously.