An image of our Hitachi tabletop SEM and its EDS detector.


MCE 1325


  • Accommodates specimens up to 70mm diameter and 50mm thick
  • 17.5mm X/Y specimen movement
  • Approximately 1 minute pump-down time
  • Magnifications up to 30,000x sample dependent
  • Low-vacuum, charge-up reduction mode to decrease need to sputter samples
  • 5 and 15 kV accelerating voltages
  • SE, BSE and EDS modes possible

ThermoFisher Pathfinder Basecamp EDS detector

  • Silicon drift detector (SDD)
  • Spectrum, point scan, and spectral imaging (mapping)
  • More than 1,000,000 cps


  • Measure topographical features using secondary electron imaging
  • Determine phase separation of metals and ceramics
  • Image non-conductive materials without coating
  • Determine elemental separation in non-homogeneous samples (EDS)
  • Find weight and atomic percent composition down to 1% accuracy (EDS)


Required Training

Sample prep and software:

Additional (optional) methods

EDS software (Pathfinder):


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