MCE 1325


  • 2θ range from -5° to 150°
  • φ rotation 360 °
  • State-of-the-art Lynxeye detector with 192 channels


  • Approximate particle sizing for nano-powders
  • Determine directionality in textured films and solids
  • Ideal for powders analysis
  • Phase identification and analysis of minerological samples


University of Utah users $17.83
Off-Campus, Academic users $27.27
Off-Campus users $35.65

For the complete list of rates and more information about operator assistance, please review our lab rates.


Required training

Radiation safety training is required by the U of U for anyone using radiation generating machines such as the XRD. Follow the Radiation Safety Training steps to get full instructions for the training. You can also find the relevant training links and information from the Radiation Safety Office at https://rso.utah.edu/training/. This training must be completed before coming to the MCL for testing.

Sample prep and software use: https://youtu.be/nEDd26RbI-0

Additional resources

Percent crystallinity by integration

Phi rotation applications


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