MCE 1325


  • Thin film detector for low-angle measurements
  • Powder angle range of 10° to 150° 2θ
  • Variable x-ray footprint with exchangeable fixed slits
  • Kβ filtration by nickel
  • Variable tension and current between 30 kV and 10 mA to 60 kV and 40 mA
  • Ambient temperature and pressure scanning


  • Determination of amorphous content in organic or semi-organic materials
  • Mineral content determination of whole or powdered geological samples
  • Analysis of thin films such as tape-cast ceramics and vapor-deposited layers
  • Approximate particle sizing of nanomaterials


University of Utah users $30.22
Off-Campus, Academic users $46.24
Off-Campus users $60.45

For the complete list of rates and more information about operator assistance, please review our lab rates.


Required training

Radiation safety training provided by the U of U: https://rso.utah.edu/training/

Sample prep and software: https://youtu.be/_hm3QpESgkQ


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