Micromeritics 3Flex Pyisisorption


MCE 1325


  • 3 ports for simultaneous data collection
  • Vacuum of 8.0E-6 mmHg
  • Minimum measurable surface area of .01 m2/g
  • Port 2 has a 0.1 mmHg transducer for precise micropore measurements
  • Up to 90 hours of unattended analysis


  • Specific surface area of porous powders
  • Relative porosity of catalysts and pharmaceuticals
  • Pore size and volume for carbon filtration materials


Required training

Video training: https://youtu.be/0qlCTBFlQ4E

Additional Resources

Langmuir adsorption model

T-plot adsorption model


University of Utah users $5.18
Off-Campus, Academic users $7.92
Off-Campus users $10.36

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