The MCL will be closing certain rooms in segments over June and July of 2023 to deep clean the lab and allow for some facilities work. While rooms are closed, the equipment housed in them will also be unavailable. In addition to this communication, the calendaring system will not allow machines in the affected rooms to be scheduled and signs will be posted on the doors to the inaccessible rooms so you are reminded upon arrival. The lab will be closed in segments to limit the overall effect on our researchers (review the MCL floorplan below). The normal operating entrance to the MCL is the double door to room 1325 (in yellow).

The different segments of the lab will be closed following the above schedule:

  1. 1325, 1325A, 1045A
    1. Rooms closed from Monday July 10 to Thursday July 13**
    2. Machines affected: DSC, TGA/DSC, Pycnometer, FT-IR
    3. Other: the front door will be closed and locked; entry to other rooms of the lab will have to happen either through 1045 or 1333
  2. 1045, 1041
    1. Rooms closed from Monday June 26 to Thursday June 29
    2. Machines affected: UV-Vis, KF Titrator, SEM/EDS, Instron, Particle Sizer, Dilatometer
  3. 1333
    1. Rooms closed from Monday July 3 to Friday July 7
    2. Machines affected: DMA/Rheometer, 3Flex, X'Pert XRD, D2 Phaser XRD

**Changed from the original schedule due to staff availability